A Sidcup man has described what life is like living through a coup in Thailand while he tries to launch a new business venture.

Billy Brunsdon, 41, has lived in the Asian country for 21 years after falling in love with the it while he was travelling with his cousin.

After two decades of running bars and being involved in the music scene in Bangkok, Billy was selected to be followed for a new show called Brits in Bangkok which is currently on Channel 5.

Mr Brunsdon, formerly of Rowley Avenue, who also used to deliver the News Shopper as a child, said: "The situation with the coups is very serious and dangerous.

"The military now have total control but life has to go on as normal to a certain extent.

"The curfew in place is strictly 10pm and everyone has to go home and lock themselves in. It's very strict.

"If your in the wrong place its extremely dangerous, but most people know the areas to avoid.

"But in true Sidcup style the military coup has not stopped us from having fun, there are lots of house parties going on because everyone is at home."

While living through the chaos of the coup Mr Brunsdon is launching a new British themed gastro pub called The Bull and Bush which he hopes to have open in late August.

The show follows his battle to get the bar open while working with his Thai workforce who work at a very different pace.

He said: "I am quite well known in the area having helped run well known establishments in the city for a long time.

"I worked in Koh Samui for five years and then moved to Bangkok and ran a couple of well known places called Cafe Remix and the Bulls Head.

"In 2010 we won the British Airways award for the best pub in Thailand and we were in the top five for British pubs in the world.

"That ended up closing after the landlord put up the rents. I then got a business plan together and have gone in with an investor for my own bar."

Mr Brunsdon revealed he didn't even want to do the show at first but after seeing the pilot he was convinced it would be a positive representation.

He added: "The first time I travelled round Thailand I contracted pneumonia and nearly had to go home for treatment.

"Luckily I went to a private hospital in Koh Samui where the nurses put me on a drip and helped me.

"I didn't know anything about the country at first.

"But after travelling round it and meeting the lovely local people I knew I wanted to make it my home, it just felt like the right place to be."

The second episode is on tonight and the third episode will go out on May 30 at 10.55pm on Channel 5.