Don't tell Nigel Farage, but aliens are invading Lewisham, according to a family of UFO buffs who have spotted three spacecraft in the past three months - and two in just a week.

Andrew Burlington made headlines earlier this year when he and 68-year-old dad Les spotted a bright white "intelligently-controlled" craft moving over their Cliffview Road house towards Hilly Fields.

Mr Burlington, 38, says he has now seen two more UFOs in the space of just four days - and is certain other residents will have noticed them too.

He said: "I have no idea why they are visiting Lewisham, but I do know that the place has been a hotspot for UFOs for at least the last 10 years."

On May 10, he watched a strange black triangular craft, estimated to have a 20ft wingspan, move in a straight line across the Lewisham skyline, flying at an altitude of around 800ft.

News Shopper: Reconstruction - Mr Burlington has used a photo and his computer to show the May 10 sighting

Reconstruction - Mr Burlington has used a photo and his computer to show the May 10 sighting (just visible in the centre of the image)

He said: "As I was observing the sky, a black triangular shaped object suddenly appeared to the left of the large cloud. At first, it appeared to be moving like a helium balloon being carried by the wind, but it rapidly gained speed and rose in altitude, before disappearing off into the distance towards the county of Essex.

"The object was out of sight within about a minute and a half, which told me it wasn’t a balloon."

And just three days later, in the early hours, he saw another bullet-shaped object with white and green lights. He explained: "The light moved from left to right, across in front of the window, before transforming into a bullet-like shape with a green light on it and moving out of sight at incredible speed, in an easterly direction towards the county of Kent. The object made no sound."

He said: "It is slightly unfortunate that I haven't been able to get any pictures of the UFOs I have seen.

"The black triangle was out of sight in just over a minute and the object that flew past my bedroom window moved ridiculously fast."