One of the men accused of a kidnapping in Petts Wood fell asleep on his victim as they were driving through south-east London at speeds of up to 100 miles per hour.

David Moody, 40, of Godstow Road, Greenwich, and Danny Crawley, 33, from Sutton, are accused of kidnapping Charles Warr after an alleged car jacking.

Both are also accused of robbing the victim of a £75,000 Aston Martin Vantage car, a Rolex watch and £100 cash.

Mr Warr left Millers Gentleman's Grooming in Station Square after a haircut at 8pm on October 30 last year.

The 22-year-old, who makes a living selling alternative investment products, told Croydon Crown Court: "From inside the hairdresser I saw two men by my car.

"When I walked to my car door the younger man came towards me with his head down with something in his hand, a broken bottle.

"He prodded it towards me.

"I asked the man if he was trying to rob me. I said 'what are you doing?'

"I offered the car key but he didn't take it off me, he just said get in the car.

"I was ushered into the car. I didn't want to get stabbed so I was doing what they told me to do.

"The older man got in the passenger's seat and held a bottle to me. The younger man ran round and jumped on his lap.

"He was shouting at me, pushing the bottle at me. There were a lot of threats of stabbing me. He said things like 'I'll open you up'."

Mr Warr said he turned the car in the car park by Iceland supermarket and drove to a nearby residential road, where Crawley and him swapped seats.

He told the jury: "I said to him 'you cannot drive you have clearly had a drink'. I told him he was pissed.

"I asked if I could get out and they just take the car and leave me be. They told me they were going to drop me off in their own manner.

"The younger man started driving. He was driving like a lunatic, he nearly killed us.

"He was driving well above the speed limit, he was driving at 100 miles an hour, crashing into the curb. He couldn't control the car at all."

Mr Warr said Crawley drove the car through Chislehurst to BP in Mottingham.

He said: "The younger man told the older man to get out and go buy some cigarettes.

"I thought this was the point I could jump out and get away but the younger man grabbed both my hands and put them between his legs.

"Then he put the bottle in my face. He said to me 'it is not worth the scar, don't try anything'.

"The older man got back in and at that point he was sitting on me. At one point he fell asleep on me with his hand in my face.

"They didn't seem to have reason behind having me in the car, they didn't really seem to know where they were going and they were stinking of alcohol."

Crawley then drove to Sidcup, where Mr Warr said Moody briefly and unsuccessfully got out the car to buy drugs.

Crawley then started stopping the car randomly to ask people for drugs, driving through St Paul's Cray and St Mary Cray, ending up in Thamesmead.

Mr Warr added: "Everyone was confused as to why someone with a nice car was pulling up in a not nice area and asking for drugs from random people.

"Then they stopped to get alcohol.

"This time the younger one didn't put my hands between his legs and I managed to get away.

"He had been complaining about the seat being too far forward so I told him if you need to adjust the seat look down the side.

"There was nothing there. I hit him three times in the face, jumped out the car and ran and called the police.

"The whole thing shook me up quite a lot for quite a few months.

"I don't go driving at night time on my own anymore, I don't go to public places on my own."

Moody and Crawley deny all charges.

The Aston Martin has still not been found.

The trial continues.