Two men accused of a kidnapping in Petts Wood sat on each other's lap in the victim's £75,000 Aston Martin while holding a broken bottle to his neck, a court has heard.

David Moody, 40, of Godstow Road, Greenwich, and Danny Crawley, 33, from Sutton, are accused of kidnapping Charles Warr after an alleged carjacking in Station Square on October 30 last year.

Both are also accused of robbing the 22-year-old victim of an Aston Martin Vantage car, a Rolex watch and £100 cash.

Julius Capon, prosecuting, told Croydon Crown Court: "Charles Warr left a hairdressers in Petts Wood at 8pm.

"He walked to his car and was approached by two men, Crawley and Moody, who were holding broken bottles.

"Mr Warr was pushed and told to get into the car.

"Despite him saying 'take the car' and offering them his keys, they forced him to get into the car.

"Perhaps not realising it was a two-seater, they had to sit one another's lap to get away while holding a bottle to Mr Warr's neck."

Mr Warr drove away, but at some point Crawley took over the wheel and stopped at a petrol station in Mottingham to buy cigarettes, the court heard.

Mr Capon added: "Crawley asked Moody to go inside and buy cigarettes.

"Both men had been drinking and when Moody returned he fell asleep while sitting in the car.

"Mr Warr was sitting between them.

"Crawley then drove on and drove very badly, hitting curbs on the pavement which must have made this an even more frightening incident for Mr Warr.

"He was driven around while the pair tried to buy drugs.

"Eventually Mr Warr punched Crawley, got out of the car, jumped on a bus and called the police."

Moody was identified through CCTV at the Mottingham petrol station and arrested.

Crawley was arrested later.

The Aston Martin has not been found.

Moody and Crawley deny all charges.

The trial continues.