Hundreds of 99p portions of cod and chips were dished out to a ravenous Bromley public on Saturday (May 17) to celebrate Norway Day.

The Fish & Chip Company in Hastings Road was taking part in a campaign run by the Norwegian Seafood Council, which joined forces with 99 fryers across the UK.

A total of 16 tonnes of cod was gifted to participating shops, allowing over 40,000 people to join in the unique celebration.

News Shopper:

Cem Selchouk, owner of The Fish & Chip Company, said: "What a fantastic celebration of our favourite dish.

"We had lots of smiling customers throughout the day with bellies full of delicious Norwegian cod and chips.

"Customers, both old and new, were delighted to grab a portion for this tasty price and we are pleased to have brought a little of the Norwegian celebrations to fish and chip fans throughout Bromley."