Bexley Council has defended its investigation into a Crayford pub after the News Shopper revealed an alleged breach of its licence two months ago.

The Charlotte pub in Crayford is owned by Bexley's deputy mayor Geraldine Lucia-Hennis and the establishment has been under investigation since the Adonis Caberet Show performed at the pub.

The current licence bans the pub from having entertainment consisting of 'semi or full nudity'- the event in March was raising money for charities supported by Bexley mayor Councillor Sharon Massey.

News Shopper readers have said the council is deliberately "dragging its feet" in terms of the investigation until after the election which takes place tomorrow.

One reader called Crayman said: "Surely Bexley Council aren't deliberately dragging their feet until after the election when Councillor Lucia-Hennis might not have a seat any longer, so this wouldn't be such an issue for the council?

"It's been almost two months (since this happened), Coun Lucia-Hennis and Coun Massey both want re-election, behind all the bravado about freezing council tax this is the true face of the how the council is run.

"Suspend the licence to show this is being taken seriously."

A council spokesman said: "The alleged breach of licence condition in respect of the Charlotte public house is being dealt with in accordance with the procedure applied to all licensed premises and we reject the suggestion that it has been deliberately delayed.

"A meeting was arranged with the Licence holder for last week, but for bona fide reasons this has had to be rescheduled.

"As we have previously stated, no decision can be made until the responsible authorities have had the opportunity to meet with the licence holder."