Residents of a Bromley care home blew up 200 balloons to celebrate the birthday of 100-year-old Mercedes Watkins.

Mrs Watkins, a resident at the Ashcroft care home in London Lane, celebrated the day with three generations of her family - some of whom came over from Gibraltar - including daughter Sue Dodds and son Trevor Watkins.

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Mrs Watkins with three generations of her family

Carer Sonia Rae, who works at the care home, said: "We were all very excited as it is not every day we celebrate being 100.

"It took us two weeks to make all the banners and birthday messages to put on the walls and ceiling. 

"The residents did all of that plus they blew up 200 balloons on the day and some of them helped put them on the wall. 

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Mrs Watkins with daughter Sue Dodds, son Trevor Watkins and a card from the queen

"It was so wonderful to see how much effort the other residents put in to make sure she had a lovely birthday.

"Mercedes was very happy on the day as her whole family came to celebrate the day with her and relatives from other residents also came together to celebrate."