A 70-year-old quiz master has started at a new pub after he was turfed out of his old establishment.

Terry Marsh had run quizzes at the Olympic in Beechenlea Lane, Swanley, for 30 years but was told last month he had to sling his hook due to management taking a new direction.

The news caused uproar among regulars who clamoured to support him with the final round on April 14.

They have now followed him to fresher pastures, at The Red Lion in Swanley Village Road, where he began a new round of pub quizzes on May 14.

He said: "It was absolutely packed out. We had to get more chairs and tables in because there were so many people.

"Another pub also got in touch with me about hosting the quiz and I had to tell them they were too late.

"The pub landlords have been great.

News Shopper: Yvonne Marsh (67), Terry Marsh with new pub licensee Wendy Stokley and her partner Mark Usher

"I just wanted to thank News Shopper for all its support and the wonderful articles.

"I have had such a great response from not only the teams but people I have worked for in my 40-year career as an entertainer and DJ.

"We are on a month’s trial at the pub to see how it works out for all parties but I have no doubt it will be just as much of a success that we had at The Olympic.

"The licensees have been very helpful and I trust it will be the start of some very enjoyable Wednesdays to come."

The next quiz will happen tonight (May 21) at 7.30pm at The Red Lion. Call 01322 586635.