A Woolwich hospital has expanded its Critical Care Unit for seriously ill patients and taken on new staff.

Queen Elizabeth Hospital has expanded the number of beds in its Critical Care Unit from 15 to 18 after a review of patient admissions and occupancy levels.

The unit, which cares for some of the most seriously ill patients in the borough, has also recruited nine new members of staff.

Director of nursing and clinical services Claire Champion said: “Critical care units provide intensive treatment and monitoring for people in critically ill or unstable conditions.

“At Queen Elizabeth Hospital, it’s essential, given the busy nature of the department that we recruited more nurses to staff the unit.”

There will also be 12 newly-qualified nurses joining the unit following their graduation in May or July this year.

Matron Sam Platt said: “We’re a friendly welcoming team and we want to retain good staff on this unit.

“The work is busy and demanding but there is a good team atmosphere and I’m confident that new staff members will feel well supported here.”