Are you interested in running to stay fit but have nobody to run with?

South east London has some great running clubs and in the last six months a different type of group has emerged, with no membership, fees or any charges.

Reebok Runners Bromley meets at Intu (formerly the Glades) at 8pm on Mondays for ‘very informal’ four mile runs at an easy pace, for around 45 minutes.

The group meets at 8pm on Wednesdays for runners who can run six miles, for an hour or so of running between nine and 11 minutes per mile in two groups.

But for the last six months, a different type of running group has emerged, with no membership required, nor charges or fees of any kind, and it's open to everyone.

Experienced runners lead each group, with all welcome. No one gets left behind.

Turn up to the mall, opposite Metro bank in Elmfield Road or e-mail Richard at or call 07916 329024.