The son of a 76-year-old MS sufferer is “flabbergasted” her Greenwich Council-run care hours have been slashed by more than half.

Iris Ellis is also paralysed down one side of her body, has suffered several strokes, survived cancer and has heart disease but has been told her carer hours are being cut from 28 ½ to 12 ½ per week.

News Shopper: Iris Ellis with her granddaughter Jemma Avery

Her son Richard Ellis fears for his mother’s safety and well-being as she will be left for hours without care when she suffers from incontinence but is unable to change herself.

The grandmother-of-13 said: “It is very hard.

“I am supposed to be able to change myself, but I need someone to help me. I’m paralysed down one side.

“I feel annoyed. It is all about budget, it is all stupid.”

The mother-of-four lives with her son in Marlton Street, East Greenwich, and he looks after her during the night but needs extra help during the day.

The 44-year-old former lorry driver says the council package since September last year also helped “lift his mum’s mood” but the council claims the 28 ½ hours were given as a mistake.

Richard Ellis, who is about to study computer security and forensics, said: “It would be a danger for her to have to change herself and I am flabbergasted.

“I am worried about how it is going to affect her mentally.

“Before the care package she had problems, she was depressed, we notice a marked difference in her under it.

“Mum’s mood would lift, she had stuff to look forward to, rather than looking out the window all day.”

A Greenwich Council spokeswoman said: “All care arrangements are discussed with the people who need support and their families.

"We are unable to discuss the details of any individual case, other than to say that we will absolutely ensure Mrs Ellis has a care package that meets her needs and that we will be contacting her and her family to review and discuss the details with them.

“The team working with Mrs Ellis will continue to support her and, as with all people who need support, the care package is kept under review in case the person’s needs change in the future.”