A Shooters Hill woman who has sent hundreds of failed job applications every week for three months has taken to London's streets with a sandwich board.

Gerri Spiers, a 50-year-old PA, was made redundant in February this year and has now hit the capital as a walking advertisement after becoming frustrated with the usual job hunt.

She explained: "I was applying for a couple of hundred jobs a week at least and I got around 10 interviews.

"But for every job I was up against 300 other applicants."

Along with signing on at Woolwich Job Centre and registering with job agencies, last month Ms Spiers photocopied around 1,000 CVs and hand delivered them to companies. She explained: "I got about 10 per cent feedback but, sadly, it didn't lead to anything."

Then she had a brainwave and decided to go to a sandwich board maker to get something made which would have maximum impact.

She said: "I thought, you know what, I'm going to have a bash at this. I've tried everything else, my savings are going, I've got to do something drastic."

The finished sign includes her phone number, email address and simply reads: "Professional PA seeks work. Immediately available. Interview me now!"

Ms Spiers has so far targeted London Bridge and Victoria with her sign, saying the general reception has been positive.

She said: "People have been saying 'that's fantastic, it's really good.' I've got a few leads out of it. I'm hoping some media interest will help now too."