The borough’s prematurely-born twins can now snuggle up together thanks to a new cot.

The crib, which measures twice the length of a regular one, allows babies to have a better chance of forming a lasting bond as they cuddle in their first days outside the womb.

It’s at the Princess Royal University Hospital (PRUH) in the Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) and was bought thanks to charity funding.

There are only a small number of the cots across the country and Bromley’s latest additions are already benefitting.

Jennie Chan gave birth to twin boys Joseph and Benjamin nine weeks early at PRUH, and said: “I walked into the unit to find them snuggled up together holding hands – it was fantastic.

“Having them in the same cot meant that I was able to touch and see them at the same time, which wasn’t possible when they were in separate cots.”

Senior sister in the SCBU added: “Multiple birth babies have a tendency to cuddle up to one another, which is beneficial as it helps to regulate their temperature and sleep cycles, and it further encourages that special bond.”