Millwall fans are not best known for voting Tory but Lewisham's mayoral Conservative candidate has launched an audacious pre-election pitch for their votes, saying he will stop a controversial land sell-off at The Den.

Developer Renewal is trying to acquire three parcels of land around the Lions' ground - to the annoyance of the club, which had its own plans for the sites.

Lewisham Council, however, says the club have failed to come up with a viable use for the land.

Now Simon Nundy, who is standing for mayor on May 22, has met Millwall and made a commitment to campaign against the sale, ensuring it does not go ahead if he is elected.

Mr Nundy said: "The contribution that Millwall and the Millwall Community Trust make to the local community and the strength of feeling in the borough of Lewisham have been completely ignored by Lewisham Council. As usual they are allowing property developers to run rings around them and dictate terms."

Lewisham People Before Profit have also previously come out against the sale.