A 2ft hole caused traffic chaos in Petts Wood this morning (May 19).

News Shopper previously reported the gap to be 4ft, but after we measured it it's clear the man who phoned in with the information clearly overestimated its size - often the case with the gender.

Queues were stretching back along Queensway, Tudor Way, Ryecroft Road, and Towncourt Lane due to works being carried out at the roundabout where the four meet.

A Thames Water sign has been placed on a bollard noting a completion date later this week – so it looks like delays could go on for some time.

No Thames Water staff were working at the site on Monday and one motorist was particularly upset by the situation.

News Shopper:

Christopher Knight, 64, said the fact nobody was there is “beyond comprehension” and feels “the whole country’s out of order”.

The doctor of theology, now retired, told News Shopper: “It’s pandemonium.

“It took me 30 minutes to do a drive that should take 30 seconds.

“It’s all because of a small hole. I’ve been told it (project) started on Saturday but there’s nobody there now.

“The traffic was going back miles, at an absolute standstill – it’ll probably be all the way to Chislehurst by lunch time.

“What if a bomb went off? The emergency services wouldn’t be able to get anywhere near Petts Wood.”

Dr Knight added the heat made sitting in his car, going nowhere, added to the stress of it all.

Today the Petts Wood Business Association (PWBA) received information from Bromley Council.

The organisation said after talking to the council it can confirm the traffic problems are due to a burst water main.

Thames Water has apparently reported the emergency works will be finished tomorrow (May 20) and temporary traffic lights will be removed then.

A spokeswoman for the company said: "We’re sorry for the disruption caused by our work to repair a valve which began on Saturday.

"The hole is being filled in today (Monday) and we expect the road to be back to normal tomorrow.

"We appreciate it is frustrating for drivers who come across work areas where there is no activity taking place but, in many cases, we wait until after morning rush hour to begin work to avoid causing even more traffic problems."