If you are willing to afford the premium prices at the Greenwich Union, then there is very little not to love.

Just off the beaten track in a salubrious part of Royal Greenwich, the Greenwich Union is compact but immaculate.

It has a trendy black frontage with reds and brown decor and a tidy suntrap of a garden.

Yes, it’s all a bit hipsterish, but in a refined way. It is perfectly possible to enjoy a drink here without overhearing painfully middle class chitchat and seeing umpteen silly beards.

By my reckoning, it’s more an oasis for people who like a nice place for a drink and a bite to eat.
The bar had a staggering 18 beers, lagers and ciders on tap.

Being a Meantime pub, around half were excellent Meantime brews while the other half was a smorgasbord of great booze from around the world. The chillers had an even greater range of bottles.

There’s no Fosters and pals here.

Naturally, it comes at a price; my  Sheppy cider set me back £4.30. I can live with that though because it was light, summery and served in a fetching goblet by a smart, friendly chap.

People moan about PubSpy not eating at places he visits. Guess what? This time I did. And I expect News Shopper’s bean counters won’t be too delighted.

First let’s say that the lamb roast was glorious: tender, full-flavoured lamb, sweet braised cabbage, crisp roast spuds and a giant Yorkshire. The mint sauce was pleasingly sharp.

It’s possible it justified the rather grand £13.95 that it cost.

The Greenwich Union, Royal Hill, Greenwich

How it rated:

Atmosphere ****Pleasant

Decor *****Gorgeous

Staff **** Lots of them. Attentive and friendly.

Drinks ***** Simply staggering

Price * It all comes at a price

Food ***** Epic roast