A musician from Penge is playing at the first London Music Awards and will release her first album this year.

Kimberly Ann, 26, known for her ‘DIY’ approach to making tracks, has been nominated for an accolade and is set to perform at the Roundhouse event on Wednesday June 11.

Many of her records to date have been produced in her bedroom, using everything from £5 Ikea tables to bathroom shutters to create sounds.

Now signed to a major label and managed by the same team behind the likes of the Vaccines and Kaiser Chiefs, the starlet will be in the studio over the summer preparing for an official release.

She told News Shopper: “I started out doing R&B stuff as that was what was available, but I’m now setting up as an acoustic artist.

“I’m influenced by west African music and indie stuff. It’s all coming together and I’ve been working with producers. My label’s known for quirky, alternative stuff and that’s where I want to be.

“I’ve built things at home, I’ve done things like use the floor as a kick drum but hopefully that’s not too obvious and it’s just an element of my music. The main thing is just finding different sounds.”

Miss Ann added she is “really excited” about what is in store and is looking forward to the awards next month.

She added: “It’s the first one and it’s great to be involved. It’s good to know there’s an official body out there recognising work.”

Her single ‘Hard as Hello’ has been remixed by Bastille, after the group came across it through working with the same producer.

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