A sewing enthusiast is offering workshops for children and adults living in Bexley who have a "thirst to learn" about the craft.

Libby Rose, who is from Greenwich, has received funding to run the sessions in children's centres and community spaces in the borough.

She has previously worked with Orbit Housing, Team Consultancy, West Street Children's Centre in Bexleyheath, St Augustine's Children's Centre in Bexley and Vista Park Children's Centre in Greenwich.

Ms Rose said: "I believe that practical craft projects can benefit and stimulate the mind in such a way that people are able to live and grow stronger in there lives.

"Whether they carry on with sewing (my chosen craft) or chose to direct there passion in another field, I feel that learning a craft such as sewing can really boost ones energy, attitude and general lust for life."

"I believe that by learning a craft this can help people out of unemployment as well, I have had five people who have taken part in my workshops move onto starting their own businesses."

For more information on upcoming courses visit www.misslibbyrose.com or email misslibbyrose@gmail.com.