The tragic tale of Julius Caesar is coming to Bromley next month.

Shakespeare’s play, believed to have been written in 1599, is being performed at Bromley Little Theatre on Thursday June 5.

The tale follows the story of the fated emperor’s assassination after leading the Romans to dominate much of the known world.

Director Jane Buckland says: "It is a drama of big themes: honour, patriotism, loyalty.

"While the characters’ actions affect the fate of the Roman world, the conflicts and tensions are played out in private rooms, the corners of palaces, the tents on the battlefield, as well as in public. The political becomes personal.

"Although the title of the play suggests that Caesar is central to the action, it is the relationship between him and the honourable Brutus, a man wrestling with the seemingly opposing demands of friendship and the greater good".

The production, which has one of the largest cast of characters in a Shakespeare play, is raising money for the Alzheimer’s Society, with all proceeds going to the cause.

Tickets are on sale now and more information is available on the theatre’s website.