A budding Belvedere medical student died after being hit by a bus at a dangerous Greenwich junction where there were seven accidents in three years, an inquest heard.

Praise Oduberu, of  Caldy Road, was returning from an induction session for a summer job at The O2 on April 20 2012 when she stepped out in front a 486 bus at a pedestrian crossing opposite the Odeon cinema in Commercial Way.

A large number of family members - including the 25-year-old's still distraught mother - crammed into Southwark Coroner's Court for the twice-delayed inquest into her death on May 12, breaking down in tears as they listened to the details.

Bus driver Steven White described how he was driving out of the peninsula complex and, as he approached the green light into Bugsbys Way, could see Ms Oduberu up ahead, causing him to take his foot off the accelerator.

He said: "As she turned her head towards me I was satisfied she was going to see me."

Acting for the family, solicitor Ashitey Ollennu asked if he would have reduced speed if he had seen her step out into his bus lane.

He replied: "I was at the point of no return."

News Shopper: Family of bus crash victim gather at accident site

After hitting the woman, the bus continued on through the green light and across the junction into Southern Way where it came to a stop.

Catherine Nunn was passing and the impact's "loud whack", calling the emergency services before trying to help the woman, who was trapped underneath the bus.

She said: "I held her hand and spoke to her. I held my coat up for a while to stop people looking."

Ms Nunn went on: "I got on the bus and spoke to the driver. He seemed shocked, he was pale. I asked him if he wanted anything to eat. I remember him saying 'I thought I'd just hit her bag'."

She was pronounced dead at the scene and police accident investigators tried to work what had happened. But they found no evidence to contradict Mr White's report that he had been going no faster than 25mph and the lights had been green.

News Shopper: The six-carrigeway Commercial Way at the junction with Bugsbys Way, has bus lanes going through the middle

PC Victoria Benbow explained the junction was complicated with two lanes of traffic leaving the complex, two middle lanes with buses going in both directions, and a further two lanes coming into the complex.

A police report speculated Ms Oduberu could have become confused about the direction buses would come from, or may have seen a green man further across the road and thought it was safe to cross.

And PC Benbow said her own research showed there had been seven accidents in the preceding three years - four involving pedestrians - though the recent addition of a speed table to the junction had improved safety.

Concluding Ms Oduberu died from multiple injuries caused by a road traffic collision, Coroner Sarah Ormonde-Walshe assured the family: "There's no eyewitness evidence of anybody that she was anything other than asleep straight away. So no pain and suffering whatsoever."