Humans aren’t yet ready to meet aliens, according to a recent study, but if ET did come visiting what would be the first thing you’d say to it?

Gabriel De la Torre, a professor from Spain, carried out a survey of university students and came to the conclusion that – to put it bluntly – people are collectively too ignorant and influenced by religion to be able to cope with encountering another intelligent life-form.

A lack of "global consciousness" and too much focus on daily life problems rather than bigger issues affecting the planet and beyond would make it too much of a shock to our system.

We're sure such claims wouldn’t apply to anyone reading this, so if you ever came face-to-face with a visitor from another planet what would be the first thing you’d say? What would be the first question you would want to ask, assuming communication was possible?

Do you think there is ‘something’ out there in space which we might one day meet? Or do you reckon we may have even had our first encounter already?

Add your comments below.

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