The veteran radio DJ asked to leave for playing a record containing a racial slur is said to hail from Beckenham.

David Lowe, 68, lost his job at BBC Radio Devon after playing a 1932 version of The Sun Has Got His Hat On, which features the ‘n-word', prompted a listener to complain.

It was reported yesterday (May 11) the presenter said it was “an innocent mistake” – but his offer of an on-air apology was declined in favour of departure.

News Shopper understands Mr Lowe, who worked for the media organisation for 32 years, lived with his parents in Beckenham Hill Road during the 1960s.

It is said while there he was in local pop group Five Of That.

Today (May 12) Boris Johnson waded into the dispute, referencing a Nigerian Islamic terrorist organisation that has kidnapped over 200 young girls, and calling for Mr Lowe to be restored.

In his national newspaper column the Mayor of London wrote: “There is certainly no logic at the BBC.

“They should restore Mr Lowe to his job – if he will take it – and the entire BBC board should go down to Devon to apologise in person, and at their own expense.”

The presenter, who aired the song on April 27, is said to have been offered his position back after the story sparked widespread public support for the alleged Beckenham man.

But he declined the role and said on his blog the ordeal has affected his health. Mr Lowe suffers from Dystonia, a neurological condition.

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