A Crystal Palace cat called Seymour, who gained celebrity status after his disappearance led to a town-wide appeal, has been found, to the delight of his many fans.

The exotic short hair, who is six years old, was bought by Laura Price and her husband, Mark Wojtanowski, earlier this year.

Mrs Price, of Wakefield Gardens, says Seymour disappeared five weeks ago, after she let him out of the house for only the second time.

The 36-year-old started a poster and social media campaign, desperate to ensure his safe return, posting her plight on Facebook group Crystal Palace Local.

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Seymour hangs out with Mark Wojtanowski, husband of Laura Price

She said: "We started getting phone calls from the off, people saying they thought they'd seen him.

"We had a dog walker who was convinced he had seen him nearby in Bedwadene Road.

"But another person said they had seen him in the Beaulieu Heights woodland and a lady said she had seen him on the train lines as far as West Norwood station."

Despite an outpouring of help and goodwill, the despairing family were still unable to pin point the elusive Seymour's location.

Mrs Price added: "By last Friday we had pretty much given up hope. Seymour became quite well known but we still hadn't found him.

"Then someone said on the Crystal Palace Local page their friend had found Seymour. He had been found in Clifton Road near Crystal Palace football ground.

"A woman had heard him crying very loudly under a parked van.

"She beckoned him out and could see he was very skinny and had lost his collar.

"She posted that she had found him on Facebook, someone posted it on Crystal Palace Local and that's how it ended up getting to me.

"I was shaking when I found out. I couldn't get round there quick enough.

"She handed him over to me wrapped in a blanket."

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Seymour relaxes at home after his ordeal

From his own newly set up Facebook account Seymour thanked the local community for their vigilance, gaining 349 likes and generating 47 tributes.

He said: "I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to each and every person in and around Crystal Palace who has aided the search for my safe return.

"The Crystal Palace community has welcomed me into its bosom with open arms and for that I am eternally grateful.

"I hold my paw up, I got way out of my depth and was totally lost.

"Truth be told, I was scared, starving and a little stupid. But boy have I got some stories to tell."

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Seymour wearing a celebratory hat

Mary Cavill said: "So happy to hear he's home! The posters everywhere had me and all my Crystal Palace pals with our eyes peeled."

Abigail C J Sudbury added: "Well done Seymour, such a hero to all cats out there. My cat wants your autograph."

Lucy Sullivan posted: "Seymour is a star! He's a Crystal Palace mascot."

And Helen Desai said: "Seymour for Crystal Palace Mayor."

Seymour has since announced Sir Kenneth Branagh and Rick Moranis are among the names being considered to play him in a film of his ordeal.