"Scumbags" have vandalised a Chislehurst memorial bench, dedicated to Lee Grant Asseter - a young local man who died of an asthma attack.

Lee died at his home at the age of 26 after suffering the attack in 2002.

Mike Pinchen was walking his dog in Belmont fields, Belmont Lane, on the morning of May 5 when he came across the bench.

The member of Friends of Belmont Open Space said: "The memorial bench to Lee Grant Asseter had been vandalised.

"The scumbags desecrated this site by what seems a botched job of trying to remove the bench - maybe they wanted it for their garden, or maybe because it is in the main made of steel, and they hoped to get the scrap value of it in money.

"Well what wonderful people they are. The incident has been reported to the council, which hopefully will put the appropriate measures in place to restore it."