The Bromley local elections will take place on May 22, allowing the public to decide which 60 councillors will represent the 22 wards across the borough for the next four years.

In the previous election in 2010, the Conservative party won 53 of the 60 seats on Bromley Council, up from 49 in 2006.

This year they are fielding 60 candidates.

Labour currently hold three seats, down from four in 2006, and are also fielding 60 candidates.

Meanwhile the Liberal Democrats, who currently hold four seats (down from seven in 2006) are only contesting 47 seats - in 2010 they contested 59, in 2006 they contested 60.

The big story is the huge increase in the number of seats the UK Independence Party (UKIP) intend to run for.

In 2006 the controversial party fielded just one candidate, in 2010 they fielded 10.

On May 22 they will be contesting 35 seats, presumably hoping to do well on the back of the European elections being held the same day.

This includes former Conservative councillor Julian Grainger in the Chelsfield and Pratts Bottom ward, who announced his defection to UKIP a couple of months ago.

The Greens are fielding 22 candidates (they fielded 15 in 2010 and 10 in 2006), the British National Party three and the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition one.

The only independent standing is Colin Willetts in the Cray Valley West ward. 

Voting will take in 185 polling stations across the borough and residents will be notified of the location when they receive their polling card.

It is possible to register to vote in person, by post or by downloading, completing and returning the relevant form here.