We know you’re all important people with things to do and places to go but you need to stop right now and help resolve two of modern life’s most important questions.

Firstly, do you think the Penguin – that chocolate-covered chocolaty-flavoured snack from McVitie's – is a chocolate bar or a biscuit?

Does it deserve its place in the biscuit aisle and in biscuit tins or should it be in the chocolate bar category with your Mars and Snickers?

If you’re one of the likely many people adamant the Penguin is in fact a humble biscuit, why do you think this when it’s basically the same as a Twix or Kit Kat? Let’s get properly intellectual here and define exactly what distinguishes a biscuit from a chocolate bar.

The second big question is whether Penguins have gotten smaller over the years. Do you get the sneaking feeling these lunchbox treats have shrunk or is it a simple case of something feeling smaller in big grown-up hands?

Forget whatever else you’ve got planned for this morning, these are questions which should – nay, must – be addressed. Post your insightful comments below, share your wisdom and help definitively settle these issues of colossal proportions once and for all.

Extra credit if you can quote any of your favourite jokes or funny facts from Penguin wrappers!

Our Burning Questions feature aims to settle some of life’s perennial arguments and answer some of its little mysteries with readers’ collective knowledge.

We’d love your suggestions for arguments and questions you’d like us to cover. What are the things that make you go hmmm? Add your comments below or email us

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