UKIP in Bexley revealed the party’s freepost address has been cancelled after it was sent blood and faeces.

On Saturday the party’s branch in the borough tweeted a picture of a memo explaining why the decision had been taken.

Cantankerous members of the public also sent bricks, eight litres of bottled of water and a copy of Dostoevsky’s novel The Idiot with a picture of UKIP leader Nigel Farage taped to the cover.

The memo read: "You may be aware that there have been incidents of inappropriate mail items being sent to a UKIP Freepost address.

"This includes items which are prohibited (such as blood/human faeces) and present a health and safety risk both to you and our Royal Mail colleagues.

"The Freepost address for UKIP has been cancelled."

In response UKIP Bexley tweeted: "What kind of person sends faeces or blood to a political party? Are people OK?"

Freepost allows someone to send mail without a stamp because the recipient pays the postage.

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