Cycling campaigners are overjoyed by news that requests for improved cycling safety measures in New Cross have finally been answered.

Following negotiations with campaigners, both Transport for London and London’s cycling Commissioner have agreed to introduce a 20mph zone spanning from Victoria to New Cross Gate. Currently there is a 30mph limit.

Donnachadh McCarthy, from Stop Killing Cyclists - who campaigned for the change - said: "Reducing the speed of traffic from 30 to 20mph reduces deaths and serious injuries by up to 50 per cent.

"This is an initial modest step towards our goal for a pan-London 20 mph zone and a safer London for all."

New Cross have been petitioning for a new "road tsar" following a string of crashes along the busy road between New Cross's stations. News Shopper recently reported on seven accidents in the area, resulting in two fatalities.

Jane Davis from Lewisham Cyclists, along with others, has been calling for a borough-wide 20mph limit.

She said: "If people stick to the new 20mph speed limit, it will make a huge difference. That’s what makes new cyclists wary of cycling on the roads – but providing the authorities police it then it will aid in the safety of pedestrians and cyclists. Enforcement is key."

Alongside the new speed limit, Transport For London also agreed to carry out annual surveys to assess cycling performance across London’s 33 boroughs.

This was announced after campaigners revealed in their own survey that 24 boroughs had not built a single metre of segregated cycle lanes since the elections in 2010, and 13 boroughs had never built a single metre.

Another statistic showed that, out of the 33 boroughs, only three have installed segregated cycle lanes since the last election and four boroughs have agreed to install more cycle lanes following this year’s election in May.