News Shopper is pleased to announce it has tracked down the blonde girl seen walking her pet duck through Gravesend this morning.

Readers have been pecking away at our website all day desperate to find out more about the young woman spotted taking a stroll with her feathered-friend.

We can now exclusively reveal the owners of the duck are 14-year-old Katie Connolly and boyfriend Jack Price from Northfleet.

Katie told News Shopper: "Jack has always wanted ducks so I thought it would be a nice thing to do.

"I got them from Maidstone Farm and they're great.

"When I got them I didn't know it was going to go this big!"

Jack, an amateur boxer, said: “I had said that I had wanted a duck for ages but I hadn’t been able to afford one.

“But it was my birthday on Wednesday and Katie surprised me. I had always wanted a duck after watching Friends when Joey and Chandler had a duck and a goose.

“We actually have two ducks. We have called them Floyd - after the boxer Floyd Mayweather - and Danny, after Man United’s Danny Welbeck.

“We have taken them for a walk every day so far.”

Speaking of the attention the ducks have received on this sunny Bank Holiday Monday, Jack added: “It’s a bit weird. Everyone has been tweeting it and sharing it on Facebook.

“All my mates have been texting me.

“People have been coming up to us in the street and asking if they can take pictures.”

Earlier today News Shopper reported how Twitter users had been going quackers over this shot of a young woman taking her pet duck for a morning stroll in Gravesend.

News Shopper:

‘The Chris Price’ uploaded the image this morning before tweeting: “Just a woman walking a duck in #Gravesend. No biggie.”

The duck, a male mallard, looked perfectly relaxed as it strolled through the town centre.