Research suggests people in the south-east are among the best online sellers in the country.

The study by Standard Life says those in south-east London and Kent are utilising the benefits of selling things they no longer need.

Nearly four in 10 people regularly choose to flog their goods after they’ve finish with them.

However they are lagging behind in terms of budget keeping with a mere 24 per cent keeping on top of their financial planning on a weekly or monthly basis.

Top 8 Money Saving Measures in the South East

1. Regularly going online to seek out the best deals – 47 per cent

2. Making the most of loyalty cards – 50 per cent

3. Regularly reviewing insurance contracts to save money – 40 per cent

4. Selling things no longer need – 39 per cent

5. Reviewing utility providers and tariffs regularly to save money – 31 per cent

6. Buying things second hand – 28 per cent

7. Reviewing phone and/ or internet tariffs regularly to save money – 27 per cent

8. Setting a weekly/monthly budget for spending – 24 per cent