A wooden bucket, garden chairs and fences were part of a huge pile of distinctive rubbish dumped by fly-tippers in a beauty spot in Bexley Village.

Bexley Council is appealing for help to find who was responsible for dumping the household waste which took a full day to clear up.

The huge pile was left between Tile Kiln Lane and Vicarage Road in Bexley on the border with Dartford and cost £800 to remove.

Councillor Gareth Bacon, cabinet member for environment and public realm, told News Shopper: "Behaviour like this is profoundly anti-social. This is a well known beauty spot in Bexley.

"It's part of old Bexley and is out of sight from the main road. It looks like someone has had their garden cleared and either dumped it or paid a rogue trader who has done this.

"It is terrible behaviour and it is taxpayers money that is being spent to clear it.

"There are distinctive items in the pictures and we are appealing for information so we can find who done this so they can be prosecuted.

"Fines can be from £1000 upwards and that is what we are looking at here because we want to recoup our costs and send out a warning."

A spokesman for Bexley Council said: "It took about a day to clear because of the difficulty of using a mechanical grabber in the place where it was dumped.

"Although so far nothing has been found to identify the source of the waste, one of your readers may recognise some of the items, or have seen a vehicle carrying the material in the area.

"Where fly-tipping offences have taken place and we have evidence of those responsible we will prosecute.

"While we would like to receive information from witnesses who are prepared to provide their details, we are interested in any information that could lead us to catching fly-tippers, and residents can call us anonymously if they prefer.

"CCTV footage, photos, camera phone images are all useful and welcome."

Call 020 8303 7777 or email enviro-crime@bexley.gov.uk