Coldplay fans across Kent flocked to Dartford library this morning on a hunt for note written by the band's frontman, Chris Martin.

In a bid to promote their new album, the band have hidden hand written lyrics from nine new songs inside books at libraries across the world.

In a statement on their website released on April 28 the band said: "The band have decided to reveal the lyrics for all nine songs from the upcoming Ghost Stories album by hiding Chris’s handwritten lyric sheets in libraries worldwide. The lyrics will be hidden in ghost story books in libraries in nine countries, located across the planet."

Clue five was revealed earlier today and suggested the note was hidden in Emily Bronte's 'Wuthering Heights' at Dartford Library.

The clue said: "CLUE 5 In the country's garden at the spooky library through the tunnel, where Keef's overdue, look for me, Cathy, oh come home #lyricshunt"

It is not yet known if anybody has found the envelope.

Coldplay tweeted a picture of the book the note was hidden in.

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