Greenwich students experience a myriad of delights and dangers - from £5 pints to the crucial decision about whether to attend a lecture or go sunbathing in the park. Here are 12 things students really learn while in Greenwich.

News Shopper: The Lenches Club Beer & Cider Festival 2013

1. Having that initial moment of panic when you discover the average price of a cider is almost £5 in The Mitre – you may want to avoid this one if you’re looking to get the most out of your student loan.

News Shopper: Greenwich Market

2. Greenwich Market is pretty much a no-go area on weekends – unless, of course, you enjoy being bumped into by endless tourists. 

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3. Debating whether to go to those really important lectures or go sight-seeing instead - there’s plenty of places to go in Greenwich - visiting the National Maritime Museum or the Cutty Sark, sunbathing in Greenwich Park, or you can go the Picturehouse or The O2 which is only minutes away on the bus.

News Shopper: Venue - top nights

4. Being able to afford only a certain amount of alcohol - however you can get a night bus pretty much anywhere. Only, make sure you’re with someone -some of the streets of south London aren’t the friendliest of places and you’ll want to avoid eye contact with anyone near New Cross that might be getting their drunken journey home from The Venue.

News Shopper: A typical tube train at 8 o'clock on a monday morning

5. When you get on any form of public transport, especially rush hour, all bets are off – this will really test your likelihood of survival in the capital.

News Shopper: VIDEO - Trailer for Thor: The Dark World shows off Greenwich scenes

6. That awkward silence/comment after you tell people you attend the University of Greenwich – yes it may be 90th on the league table, but c’mon, does YOUR university shoot Sherlock Holmes 2, Thor 2 and Les Miserables on your campus?

News Shopper: Commuters will be able to use their Oyster card on the riverbus for the first time

7. Having to top up your oyster card to the exact amount – you don’t want to the person who gets groaned at while you’re stuck between the barriers.

News Shopper: 12 things Greenwich students REALLY learn

8. Trying to avoid east London like the plague while bravely acknowledging the fact that half of your friends will end up living there at some point during your student life.

News Shopper: The Drawing Circus: Difference Machine

9. Tourists will stop everywhere and anywhere – remember that walking around Greenwich is much like playing a real-life game of Pacman.

News Shopper: Fatty foods: OK in moderation

10. Looking for a good food bargain? You might want to head over to the nearest 'Spoons by the Cutty Sark. You can get a beer and burger for under £6 or 2 meals for £8!

News Shopper: Room for Work11. Debating whether to be on time for a lecture or watching the filming of the new phone advert.

News Shopper: Alfie Treece brings a Mexican flavour to the event

12. Living near restaurants that are quite clearly cheap knockoffs of other ones – Desperados? Cafe Sol? Who are you kidding? You’re all the same!