A Welling woman says the town is now a 'muggers' paradise' after a cash point was moved next to a busy bus stop after months of roadworks.

Nicky Sabourin, 49, of Balliol Road, believes people trying to withdraw cash from Barclays Bank in High Street are now more at risk than ever.

She is annoyed with Bexley Council’s decision to move a bus stop to directly outside Barclay’s bank next to the cashpoint from its previous location outside the Avery Hill Electrics shop .

Nicky said: "It is just a muggers' paradise.

"With the crowds which congregate at the bus stop it wouldn't take much for someone getting cash to be mugged with how busy it gets.

"I am worried. I go to the cash point in the morning. It’s dangerous because people are standing around you and they do not move for you."

The re-positioning of bus stops had come about as part of the Welling Corridor Scheme, aimed to improve pedestrian facilities and the general street environment by reducing signs and obstructions and improving the footways, whilst reducing congestion, delays and collisions.

She added: "The bus stop is right on the cash machine. It’s intimidating."

"I have contacted the Welling branch of Barclays Bank Plc expressing her concerns but they said it was a Bexley Council problem and there’s nothing they can do."

Danny Reardon, head of corporate affairs London and Southern at Barclays Bank, who’s dealings include the Welling High Street branch, said: "Barclays was not involved in the relocation of the bus stop, and customers have not been commenting on any problems.

"We do have a cash machine inside the branch which customers can use during opening hours."

A spokeswoman for Bexley Council added: "The comments regarding the cash machine will be considered and the situation monitored. The scheme will also be subject to the normal independent road safety audits."