Another bank holiday weekend is coming which for some people might mean three days of DIY, gardening or going out.

For others it will mean three blissful days indoors enjoying a TV marathon, the perfect work-free opportunity to catch up on the latest must-see boxsets.

It seems boxsets – collections of entire series in a DVD/Blu-Ray package – are all the rage, giving people the chance to gradually (or not so gradually in the case of the more addictive examples) work their way through a whole body of work.

Today we’re asking what you think the best ever TV or film boxset is – the move compilation or TV show you would recommend above everything else.

The News Shopper office has been abuzz with Breaking Bad talk for months, but would Walter White’s slide into crystal meth production get your vote as the series you’d recommend a boxset convert to watch first?

What about other US imports such as The Wire, The Walking Dead or The West Wing? Perhaps something homegrown such as Luther, Spooks, Sherlock or Cracker?

The action-packed counter-terrorist drama 24 is my personal favourite and was the one which I think pioneered the whole ‘must watch just one more episode before bed’ trend.

Are you a boxset junkie? What’s the one you’ve enjoyed most down the years? Which one would you most urge other people to own or at least watch at some point? Write about your favourite in the comments box below.

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