A Welling schoolboy is causing teenage girls across the globe to swoon over his tunes.

Charlie Jones, 14, has netted more than 300,000 views of his YouTube tribute to Justin Bieber in the last two weeks alone.

The song, Belieber for Life, features a boy’s heartbreak over his girlfriend’s devotion to the Canadian star and is released in June.

Charlie manages to juggle his musical career - and almost 7,000 Twitter followers - with his studies at Wilmington Grammar School for Boys in Common Lane, Dartford. 

His mum Julie, 44, from Welling, said his family were amazed when they discovered his talent.

She told News Shopper: "One day we saw him in a school production and he just came out with a microphone and we were just blown away by his voice. We had no idea.

"He started playing the guitar aged about eight and uploaded a few videos onto YouTube but now he’s officially signed to a label.

"I’m not musical at all but he’s got a real knack for hearing a song once and being able to play it again."

"Wilmington has been really helpful and his friends have been so supportive, I was worried he might have been teased.

"He also goes to Italia Conti School in Chislehurst every Saturday where he studies singing and dancing."

Mrs Jones is pleased the attentions of schoolgirls across the world are not fazing Charlie.

She said: "I’m quite relieved he’s at a boy’s school because he has a lot of teenage girls after him - mostly aged between 10 and 16 - and he looks older than 14 as he's 5ft 11in.

"Charlie's quite bashful and humble and takes it all in his stride.

"He’s causing quite a stir in Denmark, New Zealand and Brazil in particular."

News Shopper: Welling schoolboy goes viral with Justin Bieber tribute tune

Charlie told News Shopper:“The best things about being famous are being recognised and making fans happy with a simple message or a kiss.

“I write my own songs and I am also lucky to work with some talented writers who I can bounce ideas off.

“My plan is to record my second single and album, keep building my fan base and then hopefully do some concerts for all my fans."

Justin Bieber (below) is an inspiration for Charlie

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He added: “My tips for other young musicians are: enjoy it, don’t be afraid to try new things, be yourself and like anything you want to do. And get good at practicing all the time.”

Belieber for Life will be available to download from iTunes from April 28

Visit charliejonesofficial.com or @CharlieJSongs on Twitter.