Residents of a Dartford “rat run” are demanding action to curb speeding motorists after a car smashed into a pregnant mother’s house.

News Shopper’s front page last week featured a shocking image of a Renault Megane which had flipped on its side and hit the front of Louise Jolliffe’s house in Heathclose Road.

Now residents are asking Kent County Council to do a survey of the road and look at ways to stop the crashes, shunts and near misses which they say are a regular feature of the place where they live.

Jane Stephen, 56, told News Shopper: “It’s just a rat run which links Shepherds Lane with Heath Lane.

“I have lived here 20 years and have seen cars doing 50 and more.

“We have been back-ended and had a couple of head-ons straight outside the house.

“Speed bumps have been mentioned before and I don’t know if that’s the answer but something needs to be done.

“The volume of cars on the roads has gone up everywhere and it’s affected us big time.”

Dartford Councillor for Heath ward Richard Wells says he understands residents’ frustrations after the car hit Miss Jolliffe’s house.

News Shopper: The Megane crashed into Louise Jolliffe's house.

The Megane crashed into Louise Jolliffe's house (picture by Jon Box).

He is calling on KCC to do a speed survey of the road and look at options for reducing the number of incidents.

He said: “That crash was horrific and having a car come crashing through your house is horrendous.

“I can understand residents want something done.

“I have seen cars bombing down there unsafely and when the traffic has been busy there have been little smashes but not the sort of ones that end up getting reported.

“Residents just want it looked at so we can see what the options are.”

A KCC spokeswoman said: “We have to make tough decisions on where to improve traffic and road safety in local areas.

“This means we have to say no more than we'd like, especially if the request won't reduce casualties.

“We look at the sites most in need of improvement first, which have got the support of the whole community."