Greenwich’s top cop says a "slight increase" in hate crime followed the murder of soldier Lee Rigby but the community "stood firm" and did not let it escalate.

The Met’s annual crime figures reveal racist and religious hate crime in Greenwich rose from 326 offences between March 2012 to March 2013 to 383 offences for the following year, marking an increase of 17.5 per cent.

Islamophobic crime in Greenwich borough went up by 10 offences from nine to 19 offences for the same period which is an increase of 111.1 per cent while reports of homophobic crime rose from 29 to 55.

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The brutal killing of Fusilier Rigby, 25, by two Muslim extremists in Woolwich on May 22 last year saw an increase in hate crime across the country with Greenwich praised for responding in a "calmer" manner than other areas.

Greenwich Borough Commander Detective Chief Superintendent Helen Millichap said: "As was the case in many areas, a slight increase in reported hate crime followed the events of May 2013, but we arrested and brought before a court a number of people that wanted to exploit a moment of shock and alarm and turn it into disorder on the streets of the borough - the community simply didn't let them.

"The community stood firm together and we did not experience the levels seen in some other parts of the country.

"Everyone came together and responded in a calm and measured manner."

Overall, crime fell in Greenwich by 7.4 per cent compared with the previous year with 1,566 fewer crimes reported.

This follows a trend of crime decreasing in the borough for the fifth consecutive year.

Det Chief Supt Millichap said: "Greenwich has seen a steady, progressive decrease in crime.

“My predecessor, Richard Wood, has done a great job in leading the borough and bringing crime down.

“My aim, of course, is to ensure that crime continues to fall and that victims remain the centre and focus of what we do.”

Residential burglaries dropped by 4.4 per cent, as did gun crime which fell by 18.9 per cent and there were 90 fewer victims of personal robberies.

However, domestic crime was up by 319 offences which is an increase of 16.5 per cent and reports of rape also increased by 54.5 per cent with 48 more offences reported compared to the previous year.

Det Chief Supt Millichap says tackling domestic abuse is a priority and the increase in reports of rape and domestic violence, which are under-reported, reflects more victims feeling confident to talk to police.

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