A 22-year-old motorcyclist was rushed to hospital after a crash in Dartford yesterday (April 27).

The emergency services were called at around 3.45pm to the end of Joyce Green Lane.

An air ambulance and South East Coast Ambulance Service (Secamb) rushed to the scene where the 22-year-old man had crashed into a stationary object, although it is known exactly what.

A Secamb spokesman said: “The victim, who was suffering from lower back pain was assessed and treated by the teams at the scene before being airlifted to Tunbridge Wells Hospital.”

A Kent Police spokeswoman said: "Kent Police was called at 2.07pm to a report of nuisance motorbikes in the area of Joyce Green Lane, Dartford.

"Officers attended the area and issued three off-road motorbike riders, who were found using their vehicle anti-socially, with Section 59 warnings.

"If they ignore the warnings and are caught using the vehicle anti-socially again, their vehicle could be seized and possibly destroyed."