A new survey has revealed the top 10 most annoying driving habits among British drivers.

While 80 per cent of 1,000 surveyed drivers rated their driving as “better than average”, their answers told a different story.

They also admitted speeding, driving through amber traffic lights; eating and drinking behind the wheel, driving impatiently and illegally parking including the eight per cent who admitted to illegally parking in registered disabled bays.

When asked about other drivers’ worst driving habits, the top 10 “bug bears” were:

1. Speeding

2. Using a mobile phone (not hands free)

3. Not using indicators

4. Tailgating

5. Driving aggressively

6. Music so loud it could be heard outside of the car

7. Driving impatiently

8. Throwing litter from the car

9. Not thanking other drivers

10. Eating and drinking

The survey by insurance broker Hastings Direct also revealed that while one in five believed they had no bad driving habits at all.

By contrast when also asked if they had to take their driving test again tomorrow – less than four out of 10 drivers (39 per cent) believed they would pass the theory test and only half (54 per cent) were confident they would pass the practical.