A mum-of-nine kids who demanded a bigger council house for her ever expanding brood has moved to Gravesend- and is pregnant again with twin girls.

Cheryl Prudham, 32, and husband Rob, 29, moved to Hampton Crescent from Sittingbourne three months ago after demanding a bigger council house for her family.

The couple receive a shocking £38,000 a year in benefits which will soon rise by £1,400 as soon as the twins arrive in September.

Mrs Prudham's new neighbours have voiced concerns about the family receiving such high benefits.

Janet Lee, 68, told News Shopper: "I think it’s quite bad really.

"I know they both work part-time and good on them for that but there are families who work full time and can’t afford a second child and there’s these waiting for number ten and eleven to come along."

Despite now living in a five-bedroom property Cheryl, who works part-time as a carer, says she doesn't like the area and wants to move back to Sittingbourne.

Mr Prudham said: "Yes, she is pregnant and our benefits haven't changed. The twins are due in four months."

Talking about their new home he added: "It’s cushty. We’re just getting settled in. We’re making a new start.

"We don’t want no people gossiping."

Last year the couple tried to move from their three bedroom house in Sittingbourne because it was too small for the family.

The couple were turned down by Swale Council but found a family on Facebook who wanted to downsize from their council home and then moved to Gravesend.

They already have Leon, three, Lenny, two, and Lainey, one, together.

Cheryl also has George, 14, Jack, 13, Caitlin, nine, Maisie, eight, Millie, six, and Madison, five, from previous relationships.

When the News Shopper visited the family Mrs Prudham said "I’m not interested," and then slammed the door in the reporter's face.

The couple each work 20 hours a week as carers for the elderly which brings in about £1,400 a month adding up to £15,000 a year, meaning they don't pay income tax.

The couple's rent of £123 a week is paid for by the council and they receive £400 a week in child tax credits.

They also receive £7,326 a year in child benefits- and will be able to claim an extra £13.55 a week when the twins are born.

Gravesham council were unavailable to comment.