Bonkers parents in the UK should count themselves lucky this country is so liberal when it comes to baby names.

It’s the reason why crackpot choices such as Superman and Ikea have been allowed.

Some other countries are not so easygoing and have strict laws dictating which names can and can’t be used.

Here we round up xxx of the weirdest and funniest names which have been banned in various parts of the world.

Smelly Head: Chow Tow, apparently Cantonese for ‘smelly head’ is not allowed in Malaysia, which has a list of undesirable names not in keeping with its religious traditions.

Sexual Intercourse: Woti, meaning ‘sexual Intercourse’ is another no-no name for Malaysians.

@: In the digital age it’s perhaps not surprising parents have turned to the web fir baby name inspiration, but calling a child the ‘at’ symbol is perhaps taking it too far. That’s at least what one couple in China found out when they tried it. The names Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and Email have also been forbidden in different places.

News Shopper:

At least being called @ would ensure your child was first on the school register

Anus: There are reportedly around 250 names which get rejected in Denmark each year, and Anus was one which struck a bum note with officials. Similarly, Anal is on a list of barred names in New Zealand.

Sex Fruit: Speaking of the Kiwis, they seem to be among the craziest parents out there and as a result their country appears to have some of the toughest name rules. Sex Fruit is one of the most bizarre names parents have tried to lumber a poor child with but there are many other examples from Down Under ...

Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii: Like this.

4Real: And this.

Fish and Chips: Oh, and these two for twins.

News Shopper: Quiz with Fish and Chip Supper

Who wouldn't look at this meal and think it would make a delightful name for twins?

Lucifer: And don’t think about using this devil of a name for your child in New Zealand because it’s not allowed. To balance things out, Messiah and Christ have also been blocked.

Martian: In Mexico the name Marciana, Spanish for Martian, is not allowed.

Robocop: Naming a child after the sci-fi super-policeman has also been disallowed in Mexico.

News Shopper: Joel Kinnaman has the title role in the RoboCop remake

Dead or alive, you're coming with me - said little Robocop to his school friends

Rambo: Another movie character beginning with R who babies can’t be named after down Mexico way.

Scrotum: It must have felt like a kick in the delicates for the Mexican parents who were told this unfortunate name was not permitted.

Hitler: Who would even go there? Someone in Mexico, again, apparently.

Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116: This name, apparently pronounced Albin, was submitted by a Swedish couple in protest at their country’s strict naming laws.