Bare-ly believable footage has been revealed of an angry naked man chasing a car in Hither Green and then attacking a punter at a nearby bookies.

The nude walker was spotted hanging out on Hither Green Lane and the video, apparently taken earlier this month, shows the occupants of a car baiting him with a series of vile abusive taunts, appearing to hurl a newspaper at him.

But they may have got more than they bargained for, as the camera then captures the man banging on their car before chasing them down the street.

The group's abuse of the man continues and he stops outside a bookies, confronting a punter before taking a swing at him and getting involved in a scuffle.


"Run him over, fam," says one of the occupants as the car reverses to capture the fight on camera.

The final shot sees the naked man walking down the middle of the road with a pair of shorts clutched in his hand.

Reaction to the video, which has been shared more than 1,000 times online, has been mixed with some finding it funny and others concerned for the nudist's welfare.

One user wrote: "This is really sad, and people take such things and find it funny, he obviously has some mental health problems, hope someone gives him the help he needs."

News Shopper: Angry naked man in Hither Green

News Shopper: Angry naked man in Hither Green

But the person who uploaded the video speculated the man may have been caught in an amorous encounter. He wrote: "Bwoiiii......him could've been caught at a next man gal's yard. Had to do a quick getaway. Lol!"

Other social media users claim to have spotted the man before. One wrote: "He must be the same man my friend keeps talkin about seeing.....he must also be the same man I saw last week sunday on the sane road. Wearing nothin but an afro, 4 hats...yes 4 hats a jeans jacket and a thong.... but I was driving and couldn't get my phone out quick enough."

News Shopper: Angry naked man in Hither Green

News Shopper: Angry naked man in Hither Green