Hundreds of Lewisham people have urged whoever becomes the next Mayor of Lewisham to make the whole borough a 20mph zone.

A petition containing 170 signatures has now been handed in to Catford town hall calling for the borough to follow the examples set by others in the capital and introduce the speed limit on all its roads.

Clare Griffiths, of Broadfield Road, Catford, set up the petition after the Green Party's Councillor Darren Johnson failed in a bid to introduce the measure last year.

The 39-year-old researcher said: "I urge Lewisham Council to reconsider their decision not to go for a borough-wide 20mph zone. Nine other London boroughs have committed to 20mph across all their streets already and the more that do, the safer and more pleasant our roads will be for everyone. Lewisham residents deserve better."

Cllr Johnson said his appeal for the measure to be implemented had now been turned down twice at council meetings, although Lewisham Labour have now pledged in their manifesto to introduce it after the local elections if they regain power.

He said: "Whoever gets in power needs to make 20mph a clear priority for all Lewisham’s roads where people live, shop and work. It’s safer for cyclists, safer for pedestrians and creates a more people-friendly borough for everyone."