An eco-friendly couple have started a campaign to allow dogs into their much loved allotment after signs were put up saying 'No dogs allowed'.

Drew Rhys Williams and his wife Debbie, who live in Sidcup High Street, are vegetarians and regular visitors to the Warwick Avenue allotments in the town where they grow potatoes, artichokes, asparagus, grapes and courgettes.

They are upset about the new signs which stops them taking their beloved Yorkshire terrier Ted, who is six-years-old, to the allotments and have started a Facebook campaign called Power to the Paws.

Mr Williams, 48, who is an actor, told News Shopper: "The rules are very draconain and discriminatory if you are a dog owner.

"They are not banning any other animals.

"When I first joined the allotments four years ago I remember it did say in the paperwork that you were not allowed dogs on the site, but this has never been a rule that has been enforced.

"It is ridiculous, I don't want to leave Ted locked up in the house on a nice sunny day."

Mrs Russell-Williams, 39, explained Ted is on a lead each time he goes to the allotment and is "very well behaved".

She added: "I fully understand if a dog is misbehaved and messing all over the allotment why they should be banned but this should be decided on an individual basis and not a blanket ban."

A Bexley Council spokesman said: "The allotment tenancy agreement that Mr Williams signed states that ‘The tenant shall take all reasonable precautions to prevent the entry of any animal into the allotment garden.’ This includes dogs.

"The rules are in place to prevent dogs from interfering with other tenants or their crops and fouling on tenants plots and communal pathways. All allotment sites are fenced to prevent dogs from gaining access.

"We cannot allow some tenants to bring dogs onto site and not others."