Two men posing as police officers conned their way into an 81-year-old man's home and stole a handbag.

Officers are warning people to be vigilant following in Greenhithe which happened between 4.45pm and 5pm on Saturday (April 19).

It was reported that two men called at the house and told the victim they were policemen.

The man challenged their identity and pushed his personal attack alarm button.

The pair fled with a handbag and a wallet.

Kent Police are advising people not to let anyone into their home unless they are confident of their identity.

If anyone is in any doubt whatsoever they are advised to ask where the person is calling from and contact the business or service.

Kent Police officers will not mind any resident doing this and will not cause any offence. Remember to shut the door behind you when making the call.

To contact Kent Police dial 101.