Nearly 50 heavy goods vehicles were stopped in two days by Kent Police as they approached the Dartford Crossing.

Traffic officers conducted routine random stop-checks on large vehicles in the abnormal load bay off the northbound A282 on April 9 and 10.

Of the 49 vehicles stopped, both UK and foreign-registered, 29 drivers were found to have committed an offence.

Eight were instantly prevented from continuing their journeys because their vehicles were not roadworthy due to defects such as inadequate tyres and lights, or for carrying excess weight.

Tachograph equipment in some vehicles showed there had been 15 contraventions of drivers’ rest hours legislation and three vehicles were found to be carrying insecure loads.

Ten offences were recorded where a driver carrying dangerous goods did not have the appropriate paperwork, safety equipment or personal protective equipment.

PC Mark Nott from Kent Police’s commercial vehicle unit said: “Words of advice and driver and vehicle details were taken for some of the more minor offences.

“But we issued 10 graduated penalty notices which will result in a fine or a driver awareness course.

“Another driver was reported for an offence of not wearing a seatbelt.

“An insecure load spilling onto the carriageway, or an insufficiently rested driver causing a road traffic collision, could endanger the lives of other motorists or, at the very least, cause serious disruption to the road network.”