A driver has circulated a shocking picture of a pothole-ridden road in Dartford and claimed it is an "accident waiting to happen".

Lee Smith, 26, of Bexleyheath Broadway, shared the photo of Princes Road on Twitter on April 15 after the holes "nearly popped" his tyres.

The picture was retweeted six times in one day and triggered frustrated messages from fellow drivers about the states of the roads.

Mr Smith said: "These are shocking potholes in Princes Road, Dartford - accident waiting to happen.

"That photo only covers around a third of the potholes in that stretch of road.

"I nearly popped my tyres on it so stopped to take a photo. I'd hate to have been on a bike down there, very dangerous.

"I have contacted the highway agency and they've responded asking for specific locations and sent me a claim form for any damages on my car."

Kent County Council's response

A KCC spokesman told News Shopper: "In terms of Princes Road, we are due to begin resurfacing work, between 28 April and 8 May, to repair weather-damage.

"In the meantime, a highway steward will inspect the road to make sure any safety-critical repairs required are carried out before we start the resurfacing.

"In early January, when the extent of the damage caused by the severe weather became clear we immediately set aside an extra £3million to tackle this.

“Despite the increased level of potholes, we are currently fixing them with an average turn around, from reporting to fixing, of 13 days

"Residents are asked to report potholes and other faults on line at kent.gov.uk/highways

"In the event of an emergency, residents should call 03000 41 81 81.