Children everywhere will be stuffing their faces with chocolate come Easter Sunday, but is giving eggs the right thing to do?

If parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and everyone else give eggs to the kids in their families then some children are going to end up with huge piles of chocolate to chomp their way through – and could possibly end up with rotting teeth and fat bellies later on too.

AXA PPP healthcare reports eating just one Easter egg is the equivalent to four jam doughnuts, and the UK average of eight chocolate eggs given to youngsters can mean consuming nearly half a kilogram of fat over the holiday period.

Do you think giving lots of Easter eggs is perfectly harmless and anyone who thinks otherwise must be a killjoy? Or do you feel it is slightly irresponsible to encourage youngsters to be greedy and binge on so many sweets?

Should parents put limits on how much chocolate their kids eat, and do you think in some cases it might be better to give alternative gifts such as toys or money as a substitute for eggs?

Or do you actually think any gift giving at Easter is wrong as it just turns the occasion into the ‘Easter bunny holiday’ and detracts from what it’s really supposed to be about?

Add your comments about the giving of Easter eggs below and tell us what you think.