A mistreated dog is lucky to be alive after being abandoned in a bin in Swanley.

The tan coloured long-haired lurcher was discovered jammed in a communal bin store on a housing estate by Karen Saunders of Jay Court, Northview.

Karen found the animal at around 8.30am on April 15, and called for her friend, Cat Ditherton to help but instructed her to leave her seven-year-old daughter Tiarna upstairs.

Mother-of-three Cat, aged 48 and also a resident of Jay Court said she 'burst into tears' when she saw the dog.

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She added: "He had signs of beating and abuse and sores on his paws."

"I couldn't leave Tiarna so I sent Karen up to get her and told her to fetch some ham and chicken out of my fridge, a bowl of water and a blanket. We kept talking to him to keep him awake - I thought he was going to die.

"He was dehydrated and starving hungry. It's his eyes that are still haunting me, he looked so sad and hungry but as if he was saying sorry.

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"I don't how people could do it, I just wish that I had a whip and I would go and whip the people that do this."

The trio of animal lovers called the RSPCA and waited with the terrified pooch, feeding him and keeping him warm, until an inspector arrived.

Cat is now urging fellow residents to check their bins for abandoned animals.

She said: "He couldn't have got in there himself and what worries me is that more dogs will be abandoned."

A spokesman for the RSPCA said: "He was a little bit thin but not severely underweight which possibly suggests he had been used as a working dog.

"He is not microchipped and had a mild skin complaint and was in generally poor condition. He has now seen a vet and is in kennels."

Inspector Nicholas Wheelhouse said: "If anyone knows who is responsible for this dog or has any information we would urge them to call us 0300 123 8018."